Hi! My name isJan Paul. I'm a freelance software engineer.

Keizersgracht 482
1017 EG
Amsterdam, NL
Reguliersgracht 15-3
1017 LJ
Amsterdam, NL

I'm a 47 year young guy who lives and works in the heart of Amsterdam. I have27 years experience as a developer. Although I'm trained as an F-16 fighter pilot.

Powered by my Mac, my VanMoof and Red Bull, I enjoy making almost everything. From small business websites to rich interactive web applications. And games. And a lot in between. And so much more.

I currently work as a reactReact, nodedotjsNodeJS , nextdotjsNext and scalaScala developer (using typescriptTypescript). But I'm also able to code in c & cplusplusC++, rustRust and juliaJulia. Lately I've come to enjoy solidSolid as an alternative to reactReact. And I will always have a special relationship with rubyRuby and rubyonrailsRuby On Rails, the most beautifull programming language and framework, respectively, in the world.

I practice the martial art Taekwondo🇰🇷. I love to read and to walk aimlessly through the gorgeous city of Amsterdam (not at the same time!). I'm fluent in Dutch🇳🇱, English🇬🇧 and German🇩🇪. I also speak Swedish🇸🇪 and Spanish🇪🇸, and I can make myself understood in French🇫🇷, as long as the person in front of me speaks slowly 😬.