My name is Jan Paul. I'm a 47 year young guy who lives and works in Amsterdam. I practice the martial art taekwondo rather fanatically and I run 5km per week although I will never really do that just for fun. I’m trained as an F-16 fighter pilot but at some point I (reluctantly) made the switch to my other hobby - writing software. I've been doing that since I was eight years old.

My main passion is on optimizing code and this is why most of my clients are in the web, gaming & media space - any company that's in need of highly performant software.

For the geeks among you, I prefer the programming languages JavaScript and Typescript with the React,Svelte and NextJS frameworks please. I'm also pretty fluent in C++ and Rust and, out of sheer programming pleasure, ARM assembly.

Apart from my software activities, I’m also responsible for the hiring process at companies within my comfort zone (media and science, mostly), setting up development teams and making sure said teams are able to do their jobs, without too many distractions.

Jan Paul
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